Modeling Life Forms
(e.g., trees, seashells, and sunflowers)



Homework Assignment

Lesson 12 (Feb. 22)

Modeling Animal Motion
Lesson 13 (Feb. 27)
L-Systems and Branching Patterns I Design your own branching pattern for next time.
Lesson 14 (Mar. 1)
L-Systems and Branching Patterns II Read the article about virtual plants from "trends in plant science"
*** SPRING BREAK-- MAR. 3-18 ***
Lesson 15 (Mar. 20)
Models of Spiral Growth

Equiangular Spiral paper due on Thursday, March 29

Lesson 16 (Mar. 22)

An Introduction to Phyllotaxis

Check out Smith College's Phyllotaxis website.

Read the Scientific American article about phyllotaxis

Lesson 17 (Mar. 27)
Cellular Automata I  
Lesson 18 (Mar. 29)
Cellular Automata II

Check out this Game of Life applet

Read the Scientific American article

Be ready to discuss your ideas regarding final project topics next lesson.

Lesson 19 (Apr. 3)
Final Projects Workshop I  
Lesson 20 (Apr. 5)
Matrices and Affine Transformations I  
Lesson 21 (Apr. 10)

Matrices and Affine Transformations II

(Honor's Day; class at 9:20-10:20am)

Finish the handout (to be collected next lesson)
Lesson 22 (Apr. 12)
Matrices and Affine Transformations III  
Lesson 23 (Apr. 17)
Lesson 24 (Apr. 19)
Exam II The outline of your final paper/webpage is due next lesson.
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