Ma-ke-si yu Gu Ren: Gudian Lunli, Shehui Zhengyi,
yu 19 Shiji de Zhengzhi Jingzi xue

(Marx and the Ancients: Classical Ethics, Political Economy,
and Nineteenth-Century Social Theory)

Translation by Wang Wenyang
Part of the series “Marx and the Western Tradition,” edited by Liu Forest

Publisher of Chinese Translation:
East China Normal University Press/
Shanghai VI Horae Publishers, Inc.
Shanghai, China
April 2011


Ma-ke-si yu Gu Ren:
Gudian Lunli, Shehui Zhengyi,
yu 19 Shiji de Zhengzhi Jingzi xue




 Table of Contents



Part I:  The Ancients

Chapter One   Post-Aristotelian Greek Philosophy of Nature:
    Marx and Epicurus

Marx's Doctoral Dissertation
Epicurus's Critique of Positivism
Atomic Contradictions, Indifference, and the Critique of Natural Law
Epicurus's Astronomy, Science, and Ethics
The Epicurean Critique of Religion
Greek Physics and Philosophy in Marx's Notebooks

Chapter Two Epistemology, Politics, and Social Justice in the Greek Polis: Marx and Aristotle

Aristotle's Theory of Justice: Three Levels
Ethical Objectivity and Social Consensus
Distributive Justice and Beyond
Moral Epistemology and the Critique of Positivism
Moral Judgment and Social Praxis: Marx's Return to the Greek Polis
Praxis and the Fragility of the Good Life

Part II: The Moderns

Chapter Three   The Nineteenth-Century German Return to Social Ethics 
    and the Ancients:
      Kant and Hegel

Hegel's Critique of Kant: From Moralität to Sittlichkeit
Hegel and the Ancients: The Yearning for Hellas
Social Ethics and Political Economy in Hegel
Kantian and Hegelian Ethics and Marx's Political Economy
From the Hegelian System of Needs to the Marxian Theory of Needs

Chapter Four   The Ancients, Democracy, and Marx's Critique of Classical Liberalism

Introduction; Liberal Psychology, the Workplace, and Distorted Self-development
The Critique of Liberal Morality and Natural Rights Theory
The Critique of Political Liberalism
Political Participation, Realization of Species Being, and the Greek Polis
Marx's Early Theory of Democracy: Liberal Democracy and the Critique of Hegel's Theory of the State
Marx's Later Theory of Democracy: Economic Democracy and the Paris Commune

Part III: The Synthesis of Ancient and Modern in Marx

Chapter Five   Metaethics and the Critique of Classical Political Economy:
    Marx and Ricardo

Marx's Theory of Value and the Critique of Ricardo's Political Economy
The Theory of Value: Critical Social Theory or Economic Price Theory
Value Theory as an Historical Theory of the Social Organization of Production
Abstract Labor, Exchange Value, and the Structures of Political Economy
The Structural Prerequisites of Capital: Marx's "Copernican Revolution"
The Theory of Surplus Value and the Verwertungsprozess
The Classical Equilibrium Model of Supply and Demand and Economic Crises
History, Social Structures, and Ethics in Capital: The Social Theory of Production

Chapter Six   Marx's Theory of Ethics and Social Justice:
  Toward a Materialist Consensus Theory of Truth

Ethics, Political Economy, and Marx's Theory of Social Justice: The Debate
Ethics and Method: The Levels of Ethical Critique in Capital
Ethics and the Contradictions of Capitalism
Marx Between Two Worlds: Classical Ethics and the Critique of Modernity
Ethical Validity and Democratic Consensus: From Greek Polis to Modern Commune
Epistemology, Praxis, and Democracy: A Critique of Habermas's Interpretation of Marx




Marx and the Ancients is the first book-length treatment to detail the relationship between classical Greek philosophy and Karl Marx's critique of political economy. From his dissertation on the physics and astronomy of Epicurus and Democritus to his later economic writings, Marx's view of the classical polis left its mark. George McCarthy argues that this forgotten element in Marx's thought helps clarify his positions on ethics and social justice.

Publisher of Chinese Translation:
East China Normal University Press
Shanghai, China
April 2011

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