Mathematical Paintings by Judy Holdener

"Mathematical Playground"                               acrylic on canvas, 24'' x 18'' 
  by Judy Holdener 2005 


"Jerry"                                                           acrylics on canvas, 24" x 24"
by Judy Holdener 2005


by Judy Holdener, 2005 
 oil on canvas, each panel is 24''x 36'' 


"Abundancy"                                               acrylics on canvas, 24" x 24"
by Judy Holdener 2005

My Artist Statement

Mathematics is the science of pattern, and as a mathematician I try to understand patterns that exist in the world around me. These patterns might be patterns one can see with the naked eye, or perhaps they are patterns that exist within the abstract world of mathematics itself. As a mathematician I have always preferred form over function, and I view mathematics as more of an art than a science. When I prove theorems, symbolics is my medium, and I use them to express relationships between figures, forms, and quantities. Proofs are the by-product of careful observation, creativity and passion.

As an artist, I see myself similarly, as somebody who is trying to understand patterns. While my medium has changed from symbolics to acrylics or oils, I still rely on careful observation, creativity, and passion to capture figure and form. In some ways, painting is more empowering because with paint I can speak to a larger audience. My audience is not required to know the language of mathematics. In recent months I have been working on paintings that reflect mathematical ideas. In some cases, this reflection is very concrete in that the mathematics actually dictates the pattern (e.g., “Abundancy”). In other cases, this reflection is more abstract as I work to capture the sophisticated abstract nature of the subject through intuition. The interplay between mathematics and art occurs at many different levels.

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