JAH's Teaching Photo Album

Ohio High School Teachers participate in the KAP calculus workshop...

Sara Vance of Columbus West High School

Cathy Zagula of Fredericktown High School

Shirley Wallrabenstein of Edison High School (Milan)

Abstract Algebra students prove theorems on sidewalks...

Abstract Algebra students cracking the Rubik's Cube...
with a little help from the computer and GAP (Groups, Algorithms, and Programming)

Abby Temple

Chris Boone and Mike Furr

Sara Vyrostek

Andy Montgomery

Proofs at the board...

Micah Schamis describes the Dihedral Group

Josh and Llewellyn determining the symmetries of a cube

Maybe this box will help...


Summer Science Scholars...

Amy Wagaman
at the Board

Heather Van Ligten

A Summery
Sara Vyrostek

Summer Science Scholars play with polyhedra!

An artsy Kulu Moyo

How to prevent Kenyon students from biting?

Kulu and Judy

Judy working at the computer

Kulu modeling spider web construction

Adam walking to the Red Door Cafe.

Adam proving theorems on napkins

The stellated dodecahedron will not deter him from drinking his coffee!

Adam and Judy win the 3-legged race at the Math Picnic...

The line-up

On your mark...

A red blur!

The winning laugh

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