Benjamin Schumacher's Home Page

Welcome to my home page -- which is very much under construction!

I am a theoretical physicist teaching and doing research at Kenyon College. My research interests are mostly in the growing field of quantum information theory, although I also do some work in black hole thermodynamics, the relation of computation to physics, and complex systems.

Miscellaneous stuff

Here are my lecture notes on "quantum information theory".  I gave this series of seven lectures at the University of Innsbruck (May-June, 1998).

And here is a scrapbook of postcards from Innsbruck.

A picture of my daughters -- Sarah above, Glynis below -- in the "Upside-down Tree". (This picture is a few years old now!)

For more pictures of Sarah and Glynis, see the pictures from the recent Knox County Shakespeare Camp production of "The Tempest". Sarah and Glynis were two of the sprites who narrated the play.

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