[1]     Bradshaw, Moseley, Dynamics of competing predator-prey species, Physica A 261 (1998) 107-114.

[2]     Bridger, Predator Prey Modelling on the TI-83, The Cambridge School of Weston, 1999.

[3]     Chapter 2, Population Regulation: Generations Separate.

   We would like to thank:

1.  Judy Holdener for all her help and knowledge.
2.  Tom Magers for explaining the equilibrium point equation to us again.
3.  Adam Knapp for proof reading our paper.
4.  Finkbeiner for always being there for us.
5.  Maple, for making our lives more complete.
6.  Our parents, for giving birth to us (mutually exclusive--we hope).
7.  Kris Larsson for listening to us blabber on about this.
8.  Mike Floyd (Jesse's roommate) for letting us work in his room.
9.  Ariel Matthews (Rummi's roommate) for allowing Rummi to stay out so late.
10.   The Kenyon College Psychology Department for making Rummi realize
       that there was something better than math so she did go insane during
       her stay at this lovely college.  (Judy, please don't kill me or give me an F)
10.   The "I love you" virus for giving us a nice scare Thursday night.

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